Don’t Want To Go Over Comcast’s Data Cap? That’ll Be Another $30

Comcast has been testing data caps — they adorably call them “data thresholds” — in a number of markets around the country since 2013. In those markets, if customers cross the threshold, they can be hit with overage fees. But if you live in the Miami area and want “unlimited” data, you can get it — for an additional $30. noticed that Comcast customers in Florida can get around the 300GB caps and possible overage fees if they just go ahead and pay an additional $30/month on top of their current plan.

Comcast provides more info on this page on its website.

In markets where the ‘Cast is testing these data caps, customers who go over the 300GB monthly cap are billed $10 for every 50GB they go past the cap.

The company gives the example of someone who uses 530GB in a month.

Under the overage fee plan, they would be hit with charges of $50 on top of their bill. But if they have the “Unlimited Data Option,” it would be $30.

Right now, this option is only being tested in Comcast’s southern Florida markets (Miami, Florida Keys, Fort Lauderdale), and the company says it could pull the plug on the program at any given time — because Comcast is the only game in town and it can, and will, do whatever it wants.

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