Huggies Tells Parents There Isn’t Any Glass In Its Baby Wipes After Video Controversy

After one mom’s video of small, hard, shiny particles on a Huggies baby wipe hit the Internet’s you-know-what fan, prompting parents to seek a recall, parent company Kimberly-Clark is clarifying that it doesn’t use glass to make its wipes.

A Florida mom posted a video online showing odd bits on Huggies brand baby wipes she’d been using, after she and her husband said their two kids were complaining about irritated skin, reports First Coast News.

“I was really upset at first,” the mom said. “There was a really big hard piece on it. It honestly kind of looked like glue.”

Others made videos as well, with some people saying the particles looked like glass shards.

But Kimberly-Clark maintains that those bits aren’t glass.

“It is important to note that no glass is used during the manufacture of our wipes,” the company said in a statement addressing the controversy, noting that the specks were most likely melted fiber particles of the wipe material used in the manufacturing process.

After testing the material, the company confirmed that no glass was found in the wipes, sharing the outcome of an analysis done by an independent testing firm of the wipes that customers returned.

“We can confirm NO glass or fiberglass was present. We found only microfibers used to manufacture our baby wipes. A shimmer can be caused by the microfibers reflecting light,” Kimberly-Clark says in a new statement, noting that in “extremely rare occasions,” the manufacturing process can cause “tiny particles of microfiber to form on the wipe that can be felt, but do not present a safety risk.”

“Based on the findings of the independent testing, we are confident that our product is safe,” the company says.

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