Uber Testing Bus-Like Feature That Gives Passengers A Discount For Getting Picked Up Along “Smart Routes”

While some folks might prefer the privacy of their own car and driver, others are totally willing to share a ride in order to save a few bucks. Uber is testing a new feature for its UberPool option — which allows drivers to pick up multiple passengers along a common route — that works similar to bus routes.

TechCrunch spotted an option called “Smart Routes,” which overlays a green line along major streets near customers. That way, customers can head to any spot on that route and request an UberPool pickup when the next driver comes along, much like waiting for a bus along an established line.

Though you might have to walk a few blocks instead of having a driver arrive at your door, you can save some money: Uber gives passengers who use Smart Routes $1 or more off the normal UberPool price.

“We have begun testing a new feature to streamline the uberPOOL experience for both riders and drivers,” Uber confirmed to TechCrunch. “This experimental feature, called ‘Smart Routes’, aims to simplify pick-ups by encouraging riders to request a ride along specific routes in San Francisco. Smart Routes is part of our ongoing efforts to increase the efficiency of driver-partners’ time spent on the road while helping riders save time and money.”

Smart Routes is being tested in two parts of San Francisco right now, though if it proves popular for riders and a good option for drivers, it could expand to more locations eventually.

Uber Tests Bus-Style Discounted “Smart Routes” [TechCrunch]

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