Failed Kickstarter Project Ships Cards 3 Years Late After State Of Washington Sues

asylumcardsYou may remember that last month, we reported that the first legal action against a crowdfunded project ended with the state of Washington imposing $54,851 in restitution, civil penalties, and the attorney general’s costs and fees on the company, based on the number of backers who lived in Washington state at the time of the Kickstarter campaign. Now there’s a complication: the company is actually starting to ship stuff.

Rumblings of actual shipments are coming from the Kickstarter page where everything began three years ago, where backers have left surprised comments about how they are actually receiving the decks of cards that they ordered. Okay, at least one user reports that the cards shipped to an address where he lived a couple of years ago, but never mind that.

At least one resident has received their cards: “A bona fide miracle! The cards and dealer button arrived today! Even after the move ([originally] from WA, maybe that makes a difference?!?),” they posted on the page.

That’s possible. We checked in with the Washington state AG’s office to find out whether actually shipping the cards makes a difference. Guess what? It doesn’t. “The judgment is a court ruling that stands independent of any product shipments,” a spokesperson for the AG’s office told Consumerist.

By sheer coincidence, these shipments were going out at around the same time that the judgement was announced.

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