Watch An Amazon Fulfillment Center In Action

amazonboxesAmazon recently announced that it will open a new fulfillment center in Dallas, which will employ 1,000 more people. To give the public an idea of what these jobs will be like, the Dallas Morning News sent a reporter, a photographer, and a videographer over to an existing center in the area to watch humans and robots work together in perfect harmony to get a pack of socks to you in 2 days.

The facility they visited, which is in Coppell, a Dallas suburb, has the same design as the planned new facility in South Dallas. You can see a giant robot arm (called a Robo-Stow) moving pallets around, and an army of Kiva robots that move shelves around the facility. Humans are still necessary to pack up orders, but the even the machine that slaps labels on the boxes is also weighing each package to ensure that the right combination of items is inside before it’s dispatched to your doorstep.

Just want to watch the delicate dance of the Kiva robots? Here you go.

Separating man and machine at Amazon’s Dallas fulfillment centers [Dallas Morning News]

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