United Airlines Flight Turns Around After Sparks Spotted Coming From Seats In First Class

Sparks were flying on another United Airlines flight this week, though this time it wasn’t due to a fight on a flight: passengers reported seeing sparks coming from some first class seats on a plane headed to Los Angeles from London, prompting the pilot to turn the plane around after two hours in the air.

The United Airlines flight made a U-turn over Scotland early on Friday morning and headed back to Heathrow Airport, reports NBC News, with the airline citing a mechanical issue.

“I understand there may have been a possible electrical issue with a seat onboard,” a United spokeswoman said. “The flight landed safely and our maintenance team is reviewing now … We will work to get our customers to Los Angeles as quickly as possible.”

One passenger onboard Tweeted through the experience, saying he hadn’t seen the sparks himself, but passengers were talking amongst themselves:

He also told NBC News that once the plane was on the ground, he could smell electrical smoke. All’s well that ends well, however, as the plane was evacuated and there were no injuries reported. Emergency personnel even took the time to pose for photos as passengers deplaned:

Passengers are now waiting at Heathrow Airport for other flights, United said. “We are making arrangements for our customers to complete their journeys. We regret any inconvenience experienced by our customers.”

United Airlines Jet Makes Emergency Landing After ‘Sparks’ Spotted in Cabin [NBC News]

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