Verizon Makes HBO Now Available To FiOS Customers

hbonowverizonSince the spring launch of HBO Now, the streaming service that allows you to get HBO content without having to pay for a cable TV package, New York-based Cablevision was the only pay-TV/broadband provider selling subscriptions directly to its customers. Now the folks at Verizon have seen that there’s money to be made from people who want TV but don’t want cable, and is making HBO Now available for its FiOS and other broadband customers.

Just like the other sellers of HBO Now, Verizon is offering a 30-day free trial, after which the cost is $15/month.

After months of exclusivity on Apple devices, HBO Now recently opened up access to phones and other devices running the Android operating system. But even as the service has expanded its availability, no HBO Now sellers have offered it at a lower price or tried to bundle it together with other products.

Compare that to the recently released Showtime standalone streaming service, which retails of $11/month, but which is being discounted to $9/month on platforms like Hulu and PlayStation Plus.

Verizon says in its announcement that HBO Now will be a part of its upcoming mobile video offering, Go90.

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