Stupid Scammers Sell Play-Doh “iPhones,” Get Caught When Victim Asks To Buy More

Hint: This is not a leaked photograph of the next iPhone. ( photo: frankieleon)

Hint: This is not a leaked photograph of the next iPhone. ( photo: frankieleon)

Dear dumb criminals: If you’re lucky enough to trick someone into buying an iPhone box full of Play-Doh, consider your crappy, evil job done and move on to the next victim. Because if that buyer calls you back asking to purchase more “iPhones,” they’re either less-intelligent than you, or you’re about to be arrested.

According to CBS Detroit, a group of scammers tricked a Metro PCS store into buying what appeared to be iPhones in factory-sealed boxes, but which turned out to contain worthless lumps of Play-Doh and clay.

So the store owner decided to con the con artists. He called them and asked if he could purchase additional iPhones from the men, who obliged.

The three men didn’t realize that maybe someone was onto their clever ruse until they got to the store for the second transaction. While waiting to be paid for their expensive crafting supplies, the men had second thoughts and fled the store.

Police were able to track the four men down. Searching their rental car turned up more clay-filled iPhone boxes and $500 in cash.

Three suspects, including a minor, were charged with larceny by false pretenses and attempted larceny by false pretenses. All entered pleas of not guilty, and we really wish we could be there to hear an explanation if this ever goes to trial.

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