Get Your Halloween Costumes And Plastic Pumpkins While They’re Still On Shelves

Time keeps moving whether we like it or not, and it’s almost the end of July. The patriotic party decorations and inflatable pool rafts have all sold, the school supplies that took their place in stores’ “seasonal” sections are starting to move, and they need something to fill that empty space on the shelf. That’s why we have Halloween in July.

Bryan sent along this picture from his local Costco, which features kid-sized Halloween costumes. Now, to be fair, these costumes could be aimed at parents taking their small children to conventions and who need a kiddie Batman costume on short notice, but that is probably a very limited market.


Shockingly, this post is an exact tie with last year’s post announcing the arrival of Halloween costumes at Costco: that was on July 28, 2014. Hmm: maybe none of this is very shocking at all.

Karla visited At Home, which logically enough is a home-goods store, a while ago and spotted fall and Halloween décor. This was back during the first week of July. While those hay bales could be for people who like to plan their fall decorations or their haunted houses way in advance, is there any excuse for those pumpkins?



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