Bratz Dolls Return With Slightly More Clothing, Selfie Sticks, Still No Noses

Bratz, a line of noseless fashion dolls whose owner has spent the last decade in litigation with Barbie-maker Mattel, have returned to store shelves. Is this a good thing? Maybe. The company is certainly making a big deal out of its relaunch, with ad campaigns, a “brand anthem,” and a big event in Times Square.

MGA has other lines of toys now, including Moxie Girlz, a product that we criticized for its inaccurate portrayal of pet ownership. Bratz have stayed popular even through the litigation, though. The dolls outsold Barbie for a while, either in spite of or because of their skimpy outfits, heavy makeup, and strangely-proportioned bodies.

The company tried to change some things about Bratz when they relaunched in 2010, but Bloomberg Businessweek reports that redesigns of the girls and of their outfits never quite caught on, especially with the important market of adult collectors.

The new line is called “Generation Z,” and has mobile app tie-ins and other digital goodies for children. As you can see in the photo above, the dolls even have their own mobile phones and selfie sticks. While the characters are connected, the dolls themselves aren’t: MGA probably knows better than to release a competitor to the wifi-connected Barbie doll that can converse with your kid.

The poor girls still have only the tiniest of noses, though.

Bratz Are Back, but Does Anyone Want to Play With Dolls Anymore? [Bloomberg]

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