3 Obvious Signs This “Walt Disney-World.” Facebook Giveaway Is A Scam

Another day, another Facebook scam that has suckered more than 25,000 people in just a matter of hours — in spite of the fact that nothing about this supposed giveaway indicates that it’s legitimate.

Let’s again break down the most obvious signs that this scam is just harvesting “Likes” for some unscrupulous moron to try to flip for a profit before they get caught by Facebook.

1. The Page’s Name
Apparently none of the 26,000+ people who shared this scam noticed that the name of arguably the most famous theme park on the planet is inexplicably written as “Walt Disney-World.”

Yes, aside from the random hyphen, that “.” is part of the name, an indicator that a scammer is trying to impersonate a popular “Verified” account of a big brand.

It’s the same trick that “United Airlines.” tried to pull earlier this month.

2. No History

Accepting for a moment that maybe the head of Disney’s social media team has no idea how to write the park’s name, why does the Facebook page for one of the world’s biggest tourist destinations only have a single post and no history before earlier today?

Because it’s a scam and you should apologize to all your friends for littering their timelines with it.

3. Lack Of Fine Print

The Walt Disney Company has a market cap of more than $200 billion, and owns everything from the theme parks to publishing interests to ABC, ESPN, and other TV/film/home entertainment brands.

A company with that much to lose isn’t going to just give away prizes worth thousands of dollars with complete disregard to federal and state laws.

This is not a company that plays fast and loose with fine print. If you’ve any doubt, I point you to the entire website that Disney has set up with Terms of Service for its various properties in multiple languages.

Do you think a business that translates its online terms of service into both Canadian French and good ol’ French is going to hand out boxes of cash because you liked a photo?

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