Amy’s Baking Company To Go Wholesale-Only, Restaurant For Sale

amysupdateYou may remember Amy’s Baking Company, a bakery and bistro in Phoenix that somehow turned one appearance on the United States version of Gordon Ramsay’s program “Kitchen Nightmares” into years of infamy. Maybe it was because it was the first and only time Ramsay walked away from a restaurant makeover, or how the restaurant’s owners declared war on Reddit, or possibly the entire Internet. This plan didn’t lead to long-term success as a restaurant.

If you’ve always dreamed of running a notorious bakery in Arizona, too bad: the owners say that they already have a prospective buyer lined up, who is from France and needs immigration and legal approval. The Bouzaglos don’t plan to leave the food service business: they told Phoenix Business Journal that they’re going to take their recipes and run a wholesale dessert and baked-good business out of the town where they live.

Part of the reason the company wants to get out of the restaurant business has to do with the space they rent: a mysterious odor in the building has caused ABC to occasionally shut down and lose revenue. The eponymous Amy claims that the odor has caused health problems for her. Naturally, this led to conflict with the landlord, which spilled out to Twitter. The building now has a new owner, and soon Amy’s Baking Company will too.

EXCLUSIVE: Amy’s Baking Co. owners looking to sell restaurant, start wholesale dessert business [Phoenix Business Journal] (via Eater)

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