Sprint Backpedals, Won’t Slow Video Speeds For Unlimited Data Customers

Image courtesy of (JeepersMedia)

Well, that was fast: A day after Sprint stirred up the ire of customers with its new “All-In” unlimited plan that stuck users with 3G speeds for streaming video, the company has now reversed course.

CEO Marcelo Claure wrote on Twitter that he was “asleep in Tokyo” when the backlash was in full cranky mode, and said in another Tweet that there won’t be limits on streaming video:

But as these things go, that’s not the whole story: In a press release from the company about the decision, Claure added that that there might still be some times when the company has to “manage the network in order to reduce congestion and provide a better customer experience for the majority of our customers.”

So what does “manage the network” mean, in light of the fact that Sprint recently announced it wouldn’t throttle data for unlimited users?

The Washington Post asked for clarification on that end, and was told that Sprint won’t slow down streaming video for any of its postpaid customers either, along with those on All-In plans. But the company didn’t explain what “standard network management practices” would mean other than not choking video speeds.

Below are the plans that Sprint says will no longer have streaming video limits:


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