Two Arrested After Video Surfaces Of Guy Streaking Through Walmart, Dousing Himself In Milk

(via WYMT)

(via WYMT)

A man seen on video running almost naked through a Kentucky Walmart wearing only his socks, shoes and a Halloween mask has been arrested, along with the suspected cameraman, after the footage hit the Internet last week. The man also treated shoppers to the sight of him pouring milk on his naked body and yelling that he was on fire.

The county sheriff obtained arrest warrants on Friday after the video was circulated starting on Wednesday, and police arrested the two suspects on Saturday, reports WSAZ News.

“I wouldn’t want to go in Walmart and see somebody walking around naked or running around naked, so they need to go to jail,” Pike County Sheriff Rodney Scott said, according to WYMT News.

Police are still looking to find the getaway driver who waited for the streaker to finish his rounds inside the store. The two men have been charged with criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and indecent exposure, in what police believe was a planned prank.

Although the video first appeared on YouTube, it was taken down as it includes nudity.

“The first question I would have would be, ‘Why?'” Scott said. “Why would they want to do it?”

That question may never be answered. Heck, maybe some people just like to get naked and pour milk on themselves — no judgment! But you shouldn’t do that in public.

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