Southwest Airlines Extends Fare Sale Due To Ongoing Website Issues

Getting outta town has been delayed until further notice.

Getting outta town has been delayed until further notice.

This week, Southwest Airlines had a sale on tickets that was popular. Extremely popular. It was so popular that aspiring passengers couldn’t get through to the company’s website or phone lines, and many wished that the sale could be extended for an extra day to make up for forcing customers to hit “refresh” repeatedly.

The sale was originally supposed to end at 11:59 PM today in the originating city of the flight that you want to book. Instead, it will end at 11:59 tomorrow.

“We recently launched a fare sale that created an extraordinarily high volume of customer demand and impacted functionality, We apologize to customers for any inconvenience and impact to travel plans,” an airline spokesperson told the Associated Press. While the company says that they’re working hard to get things running, the website continues to struggle today.

Remember for future sales like this that if you simply must book a fare now and don’t want to wait, other airlines, including American and United, will match prices if they serve the same route. Other airlines are also providing discounted fares on similar routes. If you don’t have your heart set on Southwest, you can get the same or a similar price that way.

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