June Recall Roundup: Melting Mason Jars And Phantom Ovens

Goochie-Goo-Baby-BlanketsIn this month’s Recall Roundup for consumer goods, a laptop battery recall expands, mason jar night lights melt, and a friendly toy policeman is not as friendly as he initially appears to be.

Babies & Kids
OXO Nest Booster Seats – straps may loosen, which would allow a child to fall out. There have been five reports of loose straps, but no injuries.
IKEA PATRULL KLÄMMA and PATRULL SMIDIG Pressure-Mounted Safety Gates – Gates may not stay in place. There have been eighteen gates out of place worldwide, and three children injured.
Baby’s Dream cribs and other baby furniture – Violates lead paint standard.
IKEA Crib Mattresses – Existing recall expanded; mattresses pose an entrapment hazard.
Roberta Roller Rabbit Children’s Pajama Sets – Do not meet flammability standard.
Goochie Goo Garbs Children’s Sensory Grab Garb Blankets – A wire used in the blanket’s ribbon may become exposed and scratch a child.


Police Press and Go Toy Vehicles – Policeman figurine’s hat can pop off and poses a choking hazard. There has been one report of a detached hat.
H-E-Buddy Kaleidoscopes (H-E-B) – End pieces may pop off and pose choking hazard. No incidents reported.

Earthwise Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers – Mower may start when the ignition key isn’t in the “start” position, which is very dangerous.
Whistler Jump&Go Portable Jumpstart and Power Supply – Fire hazard. There have been 45 overheating units reported, and 18 fires.


Cost Plus World Market Twist Swivel Stools – The spot where the seat is welded to the center pole may break, causing a seated person to fall off. There have been 12 reports of broken stools, but no injuries.
Franklin Power Reclining Furniture – Switch used to control the furniture may overheat and cause a fire. The company has reported two switches catching fire and three smoking in furniture showrooms.
La-Z-Boy Recliners – May tip forward instead of reclining.

Gena Accessories Silk Scarves – Do not meet flammability standard.

Lenovo ThinkPad Notebook Computer Battery Packs – Expanded recall. May overheat or catch fire. Four incidents reported; one user was burned.

John Wood oil-fired water heaters – risk of fire
Viking Gas Ranges – Oven may turn itself on. There have been 75 reports of this happening, including three reports of burns and four fires causing property damage.
Kenmore Elite Gas Ranges (Sears) – Burner may go out while gas is still on, which can lead to a fire or explosion. No incidents reported.
Kenmore Elite Slide-In Ranges (Sears) – Stainless steel edge below the control panel poses a laceration hazard. One user required stitches after cutting herself on this sharp edge.
Premium (brand) four-cup espresso makers – Water reservoir cap may fail, causing steam burns or the cap popping off unexpectedly. One user was burned while using the appliance.
Shark Powered Rotator Lift-Away vacuum cleaners – Electrified wand may become detached from the rest of the vacuum, which could give the user electric shock. 62 incidents reported, but no injuries.
Sweet Heat Hair Dryers – Dryers don’t have an immersion protection device, and could electrocute the user if dropped in water.

Mason Jar Night Lights (Christmas Tree Shops) – plastic around the light’s base may melt, posing a fire hazard. Two lights have melted, but no fires reported.

Youth Model Can-Am All-Terrain Vehicles – do not meet speed or parking brake regulations for ATVs, depending on model year.
Pedego Electric Bicycle Batteries – May overheat and catch fire. There have been six fires reported, but no injuries.

Sports & Outdoors
RockySnakeBootORTOVOX Avalanche Transceiver – May not actually send an emergency signal, even if it appears to be on and working normally. Fortunately, no one discovered this during an actual avalanche.
GT Fury Mountain Bicycles – Front wheel hub may break, causing brakes to fail. There have been two reports of broken hubs, but no injuries.
Gerber Cohort Folding Knife – locking mechanism may not work, and knife may open. Six people have reported lacerations when this happened, and two required stitches.
Rocky (brand) Rubber Hunting Boots – Snake guard may not protect against snake bites. A contractor for the company was bitten by a snake while demonstrating the product.
TenPoint and Wicked Ridge Crossbows – May fire even with the safety engaged, which is dangerous. There have been 19 reports of arrows fired with the safety on.
Trek Bicycles with Quick-Release Lever – Lever may malfunction; three people were injured, one of whom is now paralyzed.
Snow Peak Japanese Axe – Handle may shatter. There have been three reports of this happening, but no injuries.
Felt Cruiser bicycles – Brakes may fail. There have been 26 reports, but no injuries.
Hyland Bicycles and Aluminum Fenders – May break during use. One user reported a spine injury resulting in nerve damage after a fender failed.

Urban Outfitters “cheeky” teacups – Cups are labeled as microwave-safe, but have metal accents. There has been one report of a sparking teacup in the microwave. Here is a dramatic re-enactment (which contains swear words) of what that might look like.