New York Islanders Sell Bottles Of Melted Ice From Old Arena For $20

ice_meltNever underestimate the love that sports fans have for their favorite team’s old fields, rinks, and stadiums. Without that affection, there would be no sales of seats or infield dirt when those venues close. Now there’s another relic for team faithful to enjoy: the National Hockey League’s New York Islanders will sell $20 bottles of holy water to fans. I mean, melted ice from their last game at the now-closed their former home, the Nassau Coliseum.

Do you want some of that ice? Too bad. Every drop of it that was available to the public has already sold out to nostalgic fans.

The team, meanwhile, will play at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. They might move back to Lawn Guy Land eventually, but only with a sufficiently not-crappy arena to coax them back. Geographical pedants would argue that Brooklyn is already attached to Long Island, so really the team is just moving 30 miles or so east.

Even if the team were only moving across the street, which is what often happens when it’s time to move to a new venue, nostalgic fans would still demand old seats, bottles of melted ice, or little packages of infield dirt. That’s just what fans do.

NY Islanders quickly sell out of melted Nassau Coliseum ice [Yahoo Sports]

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