When Is A Treehouse No Longer Just A Treehouse?

But does it have a mini fridge? Not the house mentioned in the story, but pretty cool. (Spencer 77)

But does it have a mini fridge? Not the house mentioned in the story, but pretty cool. (Spencer 77)

Did the treehouse of your childhood dreams include WiFi, cable TV, a mini fridge, fireplace, deck and air conditioning? Maybe not, but does having the space to fit all those amenities in a homemade structure residing in a tree mean it’s still a treehouse, or is it more like an elevated guest house? One town is seeking to define what a treehouse is, to keep people from going overboard with their aerial retreats.

Town officials in Schaumburg, IL didn’t require one resident to get a permit before building his 112-square-foot sky castle with all those features and more seven years ago, reports CBS Local Chicago, but they’re now looking to outline the first-ever rules for future structures.

The village’s planning and development committee is meeting to work out proposed changes to the zoning code, including: Property owners are limited to one treehouse per lot, and any houses must be built in a home’s backyard; They can be no more than 25 feet high and 100 square feet, and be at least 10 feet from the property line; and prospective builders will have to get a $15 building permit before breaking ground… er, breaking tree?

Any larger than that, and it would seem that a treehouse would cease being a treehouse and just be a house, which means it’d fall under different zoning codes.

Far from holding secret club meetings, the treehouse owner currently rents out his treehouse on Airbnb for $195 a night or $1,200 a week. Though it’s more than the size proposed for future treehouses, he’ll get grandfathered in if the measure takes effect.

“I don’t think they’re anti-treehouse, and I don’t think they’re going to stop people from building treehouses, they just want to make sure they’re not too big,” he said of the village’s attempt at regulation.

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