American Airlines Passenger Accused Of Stealing From Crew Member, Fellow Traveler Mid-Flight

While you might expect a pickpocket working amid a large crowd of people, it’s not the norm to worry about your possessions getting swiped mid-air. Law enforcement authorities say an American Airlines passenger flying from Los Angeles to New York yesterday has been accused of stealing from not only a fellow traveler onboard the flight, but a crew member as well.

When a flight attendant noticed her tote bag containing her iPad, among other items, had gone missing, the pilot made an announcement on the loudspeaker asking passengers to look around for it, reports NBC New York.

A passenger eventually spotted the cover of the missing iPad under a seat, and the area was searched until the tote bag was found — sans iPad.

The crew member told authorities she saw the suspect put the tote bag under the seat where it was later found, prompting a search of her belongings. The iPad turned up in the passenger’s carry-on bag.

In the meantime, another passenger said she swa the suspect near her purse after she woke up from a nap, and found that her passport and bank card were missing. Authorities said a search revealed the suspect had hidden the items in her underwear. A prescription bottle containing marijuana was also allegedly discovered in her possession.

She was brought in for questioning by Port Authority of New York and New Jersey officers when the flight landed, and was ultimately charged with grand larceny and possession of stolen property.

Woman on Flight to NYC After “Judge Judy” Appearance Allegedly Stole iPad, Hid Bank Card in Underwear [NBC New York]

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