Ryanair Flight Attendant Lists Passenger’s Camera On eBay, Gets Caught

Image courtesy of (David Precious)

When we leave something behind on a plane, we like to believe that it is not going home with the cabin crew to be immediately listed on eBay. Yet that’s exactly what one attendant for Irish discount carrier Ryanair is accused of doing. He was caught at his second job when the owner of a camera up for sale was browsing eBay looking for a replacement.

Makes sense, right? He lost his almost-new camera, so he was shopping for a discounted almost-new replacement. The camera originally cost an estimated £499 ($743). While browsing eBay, he noticed the same model of camera that he had lost, in the location where his plane had landed, on eBay with only half an hour left in the auction.

Naturally, he wrote a polite note to the seller. “I am assuming that you work for Ryanair as the cabin gets checked after the flight and your location is Stansted,” he wrote. “So it’s up to you whether this is worth your job or not.”

The employee agreed to meet up and hand over the camera. “I found the camera at the end of the day and I will return it to you, of course. Please, please don’t report me,” the seller wrote back.

Instead, the police showed up at his home to arrest him after looking over the evidence.

Passenger had camera stolen by Ryanair steward then saw it for sale on ebay while shopping for replacement [Mirror] (via Bitterwallet)

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