Woman Who Chased Down Google Street View Car And Flashed It Could Now Be Facing Charges

(Google Maps)

(Google Maps)

While there are many people out there applauding the woman who chased down a Google Street View car so she could flash it and expose her chest to the world, thus, crossing that off her bucket list, local authorities in her Australian town aren’t quite so pleased with her public display.

Earlier this week, the South Australian woman admitted to local media that she’d exposed herself to the camera car so she could fulfill a dream of getting on Google Maps.

“I got to tick something else off my bucket list. I met Sam Newman and now I am on Google Maps,” reports ABC.net in Australia.

But the area’s superintendent says despite any fame she’s gained, showing off your private bits in public is not allowed, no matter where the picture ends up, calling her actions “the same as someone flashing their genitals, and the public expectation is that police take action.”

He noted that a man was recently arrested for exposing himself in public, and “this incident is no different.”

“It is not appropriate for anyone to expose themselves in public places,” he added. “Our community should be able to expect a bit of decency.”

She’s received a summons since the incident to appear in the local magistrates court at a later date.

Google Street View flasher from Port Pirie reported for exposing breasts to camera car [ABC.net]

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