Survey Says: Shoppers Prefer Cosmetics With Cruelty-Free, All Natural Labels

When it comes to what we slap on our faces, a new survey says we’ve got more than just beauty on our minds when choosing which cosmetics to buy: Turns out a love for plants, animals and all things natural is the guiding force when shoppers are making decisions in the beauty aisle.

This, according to a survey from Nielsen that asked 1,000 participants of varying ages which beauty brand buzzwords are most important to consumers.

On the top of the list is animal welfare, with “cruelty-free” and “not tested on animals” listed as the most important packaging claim in the survey at 57%, followed by SPF claims (56%) and “all natural” at 53%.

But though the “all natural” claim came in with 53% of participants saying it’s very or moderately important to them, it’s the top contender when it comes to what people are actually willing to pay more for: 46% of people said they’d shell out more dough just to get an all natural product.

Our love of animals only goes so far, it seems — with only 43% of respondents saying they’d be willing to pay more for beauty products that aren’t tested on animals. It was still in the top five however, below all natural, contains SPF, anti-aging/anti-wrinkle and skin firming/lifting and firming.

This means that clearly the sweet spot would be a cheap, all natural, cruelty-free product that contains SPF and keeps you wrinkle-free and looking like you just got out of the Botox salon. Is there such a thing as a Botox salon? Probably, right?


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