Organic Spinach From Meijer, Target, Wild Harvest, And Cadia Recalled For Possible Listeria

ucm439760It’s not always fun when our predictions come true, especially when that prediction is about how contaminated food from a single vendor is about to trigger recalls in a variety of places across the food supply. On Monday, we predicted more organic spinach recalls to come, and we were right. Packages of frozen organic spinach from four additional brands have now been recalled due to possible contamination with Listeria bacteria.

What should you look for in your freezer? Here are the potentially-listeria-contaminated products that have been recalled:

Simply Balanced Organic Chopped Spinach (sold at Target): These are a 10-ounce steam-in-bag package. Bring them back to the store where they were purchased, and call 866-672-0811 with any questions.

Cadia Organic Cut Spinach (Only in California): 16-ounce frozen spinach package.

Meijer Organics Chopped Spinach: 16-ounce frozen spinach package; distributed to warehouses in Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Check your spinach against the UPC in the recall notice.

Wild Harvest Organic Cut Leaf Spinach: 16-ounce frozen spinach packages. Check sell by dates by state on the recall notice.

For all of the brands except Simply Organic sold at Target, call (804) 385-3772 with any questions.

According to this latest recall notice, the original source of the spinach was Green Vegetable Company in Oxnard, California.

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