Google Fiber To Expand More, Adds Salt Lake City To List Of Lucky Locales

Google said earlier this year that the FCC’s net neutrality rule wouldn’t stop them from investing more in Google Fiber, and it looks like they really meant it. The service is now slated to expand to yet another location: Salt Lake City.

Google posted on their Fiber blog that Salt Lake City is joining other recent Google Fiber cities “in the design phase” of building the network.

It’s not a fast process; the blog specifies that “over the coming months,” Google will work with its new partner cities — not just Salt Lake City, but also the previously announced Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, and Raleigh areas — to figure out where, exactly, their speedy fiber-optic cables should go.

Google Fiber is frequently touted as a viable competitor to existing cable monopolies like Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Charter. Where the service has entered the market, consumers have indeed seen faster internet offerings and lower prices from competitors. However, as of right now, Google Fiber is only available in three markets: Kansas City (MO and KS); Austin, TX; and Provo, UT.

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