Would You Pay To Watch Video From YouTube Stars Before Everyone Else Gets It For Free?

We want what we want, when we want it — but that doesn’t always mean we’re willing to pay for it if we can get it for free later on down the line. One company is betting that some fans of certain popular YouTube stars won’t be so patient, and will be willing to shell out the cash to gain access to some content before everyone else.

We heard about Vessel back in January, and the service launched today, reports the Los Angeles Times, offering up $2.99 monthly subscription access to videos from online stars three or more days before the same content is free of charge on YouTube for the general public.

Those who sign up before Friday will get a year free without having to put a credit card number down, but after that, new users will get just a month free.

Videomakers signed up to work with Vessel include GloZell Green, MinutePhysics, FailArmy, Brittani Louise Taylor, Shane Dawson and many more people you may or may not have heard of. Other content will be exclusive to Vessel, including a reality show starring Alec Baldwin about romantic relationships. Yes, you read that right.

Some fans are already ticked off, complaining that the service puts some fans above others who may not be able to afford it, or just don’t want to pay.

Vessel says however that the monthly rate is affordable, and that it’s in line with the changes in the way we consume media. For example, movies that sell first on an on-demand platform before airing on a cable channel and then moving on to free broadcast networks.

What do you think?

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