Why Do Makeup Brands Keep Naming Red Lipsticks ‘Underage’?

red_thumbnailThe controversy over the name of a red lipstick started yesterday when writer Parker Molloy went to Sephora and noticed some odd product names. We sympathize with the people in charge of naming makeup colors, but maybe it’s a little inappropriate to call a bright red lipstick “Underage.”

The offending shade is part of a tattoo-themed makeup collection branded with the name of tattoo artist Kat Von D. The same collection drew controversy in 2012 when another lipstick shade was named “Celebutard.” That didn’t offend celebrities, but disability activists who find the word “retard” extra inappropriate when applied to a person.


When Molloy’s tweet brought the world’s attention to the shade, some people were horrified and disgusted.


The shade isn’t just available in stores, of course: you can buy it from Sephora’s site and other online vendors. This isn’t anything new, though: competitor MAC also has a lip gloss named “Underage,” but it’s pale pink.


We’re not sure what this says about the brands’ respective beliefs about what, precisely, underage girls are up to.

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