March Recall Roundup – Plummeting Chandeliers And Ceiling Fans

MIMA-high-chair-with-black-seat_800In this month’s Recall Roundup for non-edible items, fans and chandeliers might plummet from the ceiling, handlebars on kids’ bikes and amphibious vehicles for grown-ups fall apart, and cocktail glasses shatter for no reason. Also, there are 40,000 portable heaters out there that could spray hot oil on their owners at any time.

Babies & Kids
KTM Children’s Pajamas – Do not meet flammability standards.
Lazy One Children’s Pajamas and Robes – Do not meet flammability standard.
Dream on Me 2-in-1 Bassinet to Cradle – Frame supports can collapse, posing a suffocation hazard.
Mima Moon 3-In-1 High Chairs – Seat may come loose. No reported baby injuries.
PouchPop Baby Food Pouch Topper – Tube may come unattached from base, posing a choking hazard. There have been four reports of this happening, but no injuries.

tough treadz
LS Import Airplane and Butterfly Push Toys – Parts that fall off toys may pose a choking hazard. No reported injuries.
Tough Treadz Auto Carrier (Family Dollar) – Cars in auto carrier have sharp edges that may cut children.

Cosco Convertible Hand Trucks – Wheels may break and hurl pieces at people standing nearby. There have been 10 reports of this happening, and 4 reported injuries.
ZETA by Jackco Pocket Jump Starter – Battery may overheat and split apart and melt. 487 reported battery problems and two fires that caused property damage reported.
Kidde Disposable Plastic Fire Extinguishers – Devices fail to discharge fully. There have been 11 reported incidents.

Brewmaster Ceiling Fans – Fans may become detached and fall. Two incidents reported, but no injuries.

Tommy Bahama Hula Girl Cocktail Shaker and Glass Sets – Glass may unexpectedly shatter. Five incidents reported, including one injury that required stitches.


Dirt Devil Scorpion Turbo Tool – Fan may break and come out of the housing. Six units have had this problem.
Kenmore 24-inch electric ranges – Cooking surface and electric output may not meet correctly, causing an electric shock. No incidents reported.
Safe Step Walk-In Tubs – Heated seat may get stuck switched “on” and overheat.
i4 Series System Sensor combination carbon monoxide (CO)/smoke detectors – May not detect carbon monoxide, which is sort of the point.
Holmes Oil Filled Heaters – May spray hot oil on people and objects nearby. There have been 40 oil-spraying incidents reported, but no injuries.
Lifepro Portable Mini Space Heaters – Risk of electric shock. No reported incidents.


Aquarium Motion Lamps (Bits & Pieces) – May overheat, fire hazard. There have been eleven lamps reported overheating, and some sparking, but no fires.
Hayneedle Fiber Optic Lighted Christmas Trees – Motor that makes colors rotate can overheat. 20 incidents reported, but no fires.
Sea Gull Lighting Chandeliers – The part that attaches the chandelier to the ceiling mount can fail, causing the whole fixture to fall. No people have been injured, but there have been four reports of falling chandeliers causing $1,600 in property damage.

Quadski and Quadski XL Amphibious Vehicles – Handlebar may fail while driving. This happened three times during testing, injuring one of the testers.

Sports & Outdoors
Rapala StrikeMaster Lithium Lazer Ice Augers – Off switch may fail to work, when drills really should turn off. No reported injuries.
Flow 2014 Flite-series snowboard bindings – Bindings may come un-bound. 30 reported incidents, but no injuries to date.
2015 Scott Vanish Evo Bicycle Helmets – Do not meet CPSC standards for bicycle helmets.
Zipp 88 aluminum hubs for bicycle wheels – Flange ring may fail, causing wheel collapse. Two incidents, which resulted in cuts, bruises, and a concussion.
Marin Mountain Bikes Children’s Bicycles – Handlebars may come loose. No reported injuries.

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