Having Your Laptop Picked Up By Someone Else At The Airport Is No Fun — Unless That Person Is An NFL Player

There are many bad or just plain annoying things that can happen when your belongings are mixed up with someone else’s in the airport security line — someone else could be going through your private information, or trying to sell your electronic equipment. But when is it kind of cool that a total stranger has your stuff? When that stranger happens to be a professional football player.

The principal of an elementary school in Utah was traveling last week to see her son in Minnesota with her husband, when she accidentally picked up another person’s laptop after going through airport security early in the morning, reports the Herald Extra.

She and the man behind her had accidentally switched laptops, which the stranger discovered while on his way to Miami. He opened the laptop to see her email was open, and then contacted the secretary at the school where she works after doing a little investigative Googling.

Meanwhile, when she arrived in Minnesota, the secretary sent her a text message telling her that she didn’t have her laptop, that another traveler did. She was worried, thinking that the man was going through her life and reading her email.

She was sitting with her husband worrying about the laptop, and mentioned that she knew the man’s name who had it.

“I just happened to say, ‘What would some stranger named Kyle Van Noy do with my laptop?'” she said. “Greg’s eyes got huge. It was a good thing I said his name. He just started laughing and told me he was a professional football player.”

Van Noy was drafted as the 40th pick overall in the 2014 NFL Draft by the Detroit Lions, but before that he was at Brigham Young University. Through a parent at her school who also used to play at BYU, the principal got in touch with the NFL player and texted about a place to switch their laptops back.

When one date didn’t work out, Van Noy ended up coming to the elementary school and took the time to visit 35 classrooms and take photos with about 1,000 students.

“He started going from class to class,” the principal said. “He was here an hour and a half to two hours. He just took time in every class, giving high-fives, taking questions. He was just a sweetheart. The kids just loved it.”

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