Watch Unhappy Little Caesars Customer Throw Register, Display Case At Employee

While the recent McDonald’s employee meltdown had a certain nihilistic joy to it, with the fired worker made a calamitous exit but in a way that didn’t really put anyone at risk, this footage from a Little Caesars here in Philadelphia is downright terrifying as an angry customer attempts to attack an employee with everything he can get his hands on.

Philly police have posted the above video of an incident that occurred on Valentine’s Day. There’s no audio, so we have no idea what started the dispute, but you can see the customer — helpfully identified in the clip with a huge arrow that reads “Offender” — take a sudden swing at a man behind the counter.

He then picks up what appears to be the credit card point-of-sale terminal and tosses it at the man before making a few attempts to lunge across the counter.

Two women enter and try to pull the suspect away from the scene but he shrugs them off. That’s when things get even more violent, as the customer pushes a register off the counter and into the arms of the employee.

He then uses the machine’s tether to yank it free from the worker — only to throw it right back in his face.

Then goes the large counter display case along with a bunch of boxes, followed by what appears to be a small box of pamphlets or fliers.

Finally, he crosses over to the one remaining register terminal and gives that a shove.

The most amazing part is that there are two people sitting stoically in the Little Caesars this whole time. Even when the customer gets in their face while he exits, these onlookers don’t appear fazed.


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