Self-Proclaimed “Crazy” Man Ate At Benihana 579 Times In 2014

Remember that guy who ate at Olive Garden 115 times in seven weeks using his neverending pasta pass? He’s probably feeling the competitive burn right about now, after a Utah man won a national contest by eating at Benihana 579 times last year. Yes, 579 times.

The next closest competitor only managed a paltry 300 visits in 2014, notes the Salt Lake Tribune. It was all part of a contest with two grand prizes put on by the restaurant for its 50th anniversary last year. One winner was selected for the number of different Benihana restaurants visited in the U.S., while the 51-year-old electrical salesman won for total number of visits.

He’ll be taking home a $1,000 gift card (unclear if that’s a Benihana gift card or just money) as well as a trip for two to any Benihana location in the country.

“I normally go four times a week,” he said. “It’s Salt Lake’s best-kept secret for lunch. It’s the same meal you get at dinner only slightly smaller portion.”

His usual order is the lunch express at under $10 (with free parking validation included): salad, rice, vegetables and choice of hibachi chicken, shrimp or steak. He usually goes for chicken and shrimp, in case you’re wondering.

The general manager of the Salt Lake City restaurant first urged him to try to win, since he was eating there all the time already.

“He was here almost every day anyway, so we said, ‘Jack, you’ve got to do this,’ ” she said. “He got it in his head that he was going to win the contest, and he did.”

To chronicle his record, he had to get a photo taken by the restaurant staff, and couldn’t visit a single location more than once every 12 hours.

Out of the 19,000 people who participated, he came out victorious, to the amusement of his friends and family.

“They all know I’m crazy,” he joked. “Now it’s confirmed.”

Utah man’s extreme frequent-dining habit at Benihana earns him national reward [Salt Lake Tribune]

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