U.S. Airports Ditching Customs Forms For Travelers To Speed Things Up

The millions of passengers flying into U.S. airports will have one fewer hassle to deal with after those often long flights, as the White House said it’s doing away with customs forms by the end of 2016.

Part of the reason the government is doing away with the lengthy 6059b customs declarations forms is to try and cut down on long wait times for travelers, reports the Associated Press, and to “improve the arrivals process at all airports.”

Those are the forms that ask you whether you’ve got say, ginormous African snails in your bags.

“The safety and security of this country will always come first, but we can and must also ensure that the travel experience continues to be welcoming, friendly, and efficient,” the White House said.

Along with getting rid of the forms, there will be action plans in place for the busiest 17 airports, automated passport control kiosks and the ability to submit passport information via smartphone.

US to scrap customs forms for air travellers [Associated Press]

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