Looking To Untie That Knot? Hotel Offers $5K Divorce Weekend Getaway Package

Falling into love and get married can be so much fun, but often, the reverse isn’t quite a blast. That is, unless you and your formerly beloved decide to untie the knot with a nice, relaxing weekend getaway, so you can celebrate permanently getting away from each other.

Couples basically check in on Friday married and check out on Monday divorced, reports the New York Post. The paper followed a couple’s weekend stay at the so-called “DivorceHotel,” the Gideon Putnam Resort & Spa in Upstate New York.

For $5,000, couples seeking to untie the knot get separate accommodations for two nights, a designated lawyer for each party and a mediator to draw up divorce papers.

Then there’s a welcome basket with dark chocolate, red wine and an information packet about the hotel. You can get separate spa treatments, enjoy cozy fireside drinks and basically just hang out happy that you’re about to be single again.

The concept started with a Dutch Company called DivorceHotel. This New York hotel is the first U.S. location to offer the quickie divorce package.

While four couples have gotten divorced there since the launch in September 2014, it doesn’t sound like this place is ideal for just nay divorce.

“It’s for people who are pretty civilized and without complex financial matters,” says one divorce attorney. “You go in married, you come out single — it’s magic.”

Couples leave the premises with a legally binding agreement, with divorce papers taking about a week to be finalized.

“We laughed. We had a few drinks,” says the woman.

“This is the best weekend we’ve had in years,” agreed her ex.

‘I checked into the divorce hotel — to check out of my marriage!’ [New York Post]

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