TurboTax Resumes E-Filing Of All State Tax Returns After Pause To Investigate Fraud

Just a short time after Intuit announced on Friday that it would stop TurboTax electronic filing of all state tax returns to investigate fraudulent activity, the company announced filing would resume.

Reuters reports that the decision to continue filing returns came after an investigation by a third-party security expert found the fraudulent activity did not result from a breach of Intuit’s own systems.

The company says it will add additional security measures to combat fraudulent activities.

Late Thursday night, Minnesota state tax officials stopped taking all TurboTax e-filed returns after some taxpayers found that a return had already been filed when they logged in to submit their returns using the software.

Additionally, Utah state tax officials reached out to Intuit notifying the company that state officials had flagged 28 fraud attempts that “originated from data compromised through a third-party commercial tax preparation software process,” and an additional 8,000 returns marked as potentially fraudulent.

On Friday, Intuit announced it would temporarily halt all state e-filed returns to investigate criminal attempts to use stolen data to file fraudulent returned and claim refunds.

At the time the company said that the “the information used to file fraudulent returns was obtained from other sources outside the tax preparation process.”

Any TurboTax customers who believe they are victims of tax fraud can call 1-800-944-8596 for direct access to “specially trained identity protection agents who will provide comprehensive support and filing assistance,” Intuit’s said in a press release Friday.


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