Owner Says Camp Bow Wow Is Responsible For Dog’s Missing Toe

11toedogWhen I drop my dog off at a boarding facility, I expect her to return home with all of her body parts still attached. One family trusted the local Camp Bow Wow to watch over their dog, and but she was taken to the vet after workers found her with a paw caught in the kennel. Now they disagree with the camp on who should cover the vet bills.

Dogs are left unattended in their kennels at the boarding facility for about half the day, from 7 PM to 6:30 AM. Dogs are normally okay with that kind of downtime, but the workers’ off time was disastrous for Curly, a Rhodesian ridgeback/German shepherd mix. She caught her toe in her kennel (probably between some wires) resulting in what employees called “a lot of blood.” Her owners gave permission to rush her to a vet, where they amputated the injured toe and charged the owners more than $1,800.

The family reports that their 15-toed dog isn’t the same. The injury happened in the summer of 2014, and Curly still isn’t able to run more than a few miles without limping. “She used to run six to seven miles with my husband,” the owner explained.

The family wants Camp Bow Wow to cover the entire vet bill, and the facility says that they’ve offered to cover half. According to the owner, the offer they’ve made is for $700 and a refund for the dog’s stay.

Call Kurtis Investigates: Dog Returned From Boarding Facility With Toe Ripped Off [CBS Sacramento]

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