Prison Inmate Gives Guards The Slip While Transport Bus Is Stopped At Pizza Hut

Everyone knows that rumble in your stomach that means that it’s time to eat, but federal prison guards ended up paying a hefty price for allaying their hunger pangs pizza, after a shackled inmate managed to escape while the transport van was stopped at a Georgia Pizza Hut.

Police in Cartersville, GA are now searching for the escaped inmate, who was being transferred from Florida to Indiana, reports 11Alive in Atlanta.

A manager at the Pizza Hut told the news station that the transport vehicle had called ahead to order some pizzas. The guards went into the restaurant, picked up the pizzas and left.

But in that time, officials say the shackled inmate was being moved from the bus and pushed another guard, managing to get away. The guard was injured slightly as a result.

Local police are on the lookout for the 42-year-old, 6’1″ inmate, last seen wearing a black T-shirt and faded jeans. He had been arrested on an outstanding warrant for probation violation in Indiana, and a private contracting firm was handling the transport from state to state.

Police say he tried to get into a car at a nearby market, but was unsuccessful, and that he has a history of being somewhat of an escape artist. U.S. Marshals are not involved at this point, as he wasn’t yet in federal custody.

Meanwhile, that pizza’s probably getting pretty cold.

Police search for escaped inmate in Cartersville []

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