Complaining Comcast Customer Renamed “Super B**ch” On Her Cable Bill

superbWhile Comcast says it’s doing its best to stop employees from renaming customers things like “A**hole Brown,” the reports of Comcast customers with rudely revised account names continues. This time, it’s a Chicago-area woman who has been dubbed “Super B**ch” on her Comcast bill.

The 63-year-old woman, who may be super but whose name is Mary and not a pejorative, tells WGN-TV that she’s had months of problems with her Comcast service.

“I had 39 technicians here from November to April,” she explains.

And after her tech issues were finally resolved, her bills mysteriously stopped showing up.

“I was nice enough to call them to ask how much I owe,” she says, admitting that she did get “a little angry because I never got good service,” but says she never swore at the Comcast rep.

Then she got her Comcast bill, in which she was rechristened with the Super B name.

“This is a disgrace to me. Why are they doing this to me?” she asks. “I pay my bills. I do not deserve this.”

Comcast’s response is exactly what you’d expect: “We are investigating this thoroughly and will reach out to our customer.”

Again we ask — why does Comcast, which can’t keep its own employees from making such boneheaded blunders, think that it deserves to acquire another 10 million customers?

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  1. furiousd says:

    I wonder what sort of stress outlets these companies afford their call center employees. It seems from stories told by friends who work for call centers that they’re poorly paid and expected to be punching bags all day. I’d even like to see a good customer rewards system. I have one friend whose father runs a construction company and would add a PITA fee to customers who were routinely a Pain In The… If call centers gave employees the latitude to reward customers who were civil or pleasant to them on the phone with a bill discount, or had an internal system to have a number of strikes for particularly rude/abusive customers that got their account cancelled after they passed the limit, then the call center employees would feel some sense of control and input into their duties rather than having no latitude to use their brains and remaining stuck to a script. When they have access to make changes to a customer’s account and no other outlet, I’m not particularly surprised that this sort of thing happens. I don’t excuse the behaviour, but I don’t imagine the customers targeted for the name changes were perfect angels either.

    • Diviance says:

      I worked for Comcast customer support last year. They offer nothing, if you are wondering. The pay was poor and they absolutely expect you to be a punching bag with no emotion or personality.

      I never made unauthorized changes to a customer’s account but I would be completely unsurprised to find it happened. Just like I am completely unsurprised to see these things happening.