Shoplifting Suspect Calls 9-1-1 On Walmart Security Guards Following Him Around

It must have been very unnerving for a man in Georgia when he noticed that two tough-looking men were following him around as he left Walmart. They caught up with him, claiming to be security guards from the store, and brought him back to Walmart. Police say that the suspect thought they were “thugs” and pulled a knife on the men, then called 9-1-1.

It’s possible that someone could simultaneously be a Walmart security guard and a thug, but the fact is that they were real on-duty security guards, and they told police that the man they followed had been spotted taking items from the store. The guards followed him out of the store, then brought him back.

The suspect claims that he still wasn’t clear on who these men were and where they were taking him, which is why he pulled out a weapon. He got away, but police caught up with him. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution didn’t specify whether the police who found him were the police that he had summoned by dialing 9-1-1, but it would be appropriate if they were.

The man was arrested for aggravated assault, and we don’t know whether he was charged with shoplifting as well.

Walmart shoplifting suspect called 911 on security guards [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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