People Wait In Line For Hours To Feast Upon Sliders Upon Opening Of Las Vegas’ First White Castle

You think you love White Castle sliders, but do you love them enough to wait in line for hours to get your hands on one (or 12, as the case may be)? Stalwart fans in Las Vegas celebrated the opening of the city’s first White Castle by standing outside in line for reportedly up to four hours to get inside.

According to Eater Vegas, diners started lining up more than two hours before the county commissioner cut a ceremonial ribbon to officially open the new location yesterday.

People on the scene threw out wait times of anywhere from one to three hours to get inside the place near the Las Vegas Strip, with others saying hundreds were in line, kept at by by security staff.

Things were still crowded at 4 a.m., with a photo posted on Reddit claiming to be from that time with the line still going strong. That makes total sense, however, as 4 a.m. is like peak White Castle time.

Insert Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle reference here.

How Long Were the Lines For Sliders at White Castle? [Eater Las Vegas]

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