While Target Canada Winds Down, Walmart Builds More Supercentres

A week ago, Target made the surprising announcement that it is closing its Canadian division. Meanwhile, things aren’t bad in the Canadian retail sector for all discounters from across the border: competing American invader Walmart announced that it’s opening eleven new Supercenters Supercentres in eight different provinces by the end of January 2015.

Some of the new Supercentres are entirely new stores. Others are existing Walmart stores that have been expanded to fit a grocery section, or moved down the street to a bigger building That gives Walmart Canada a total of 280 Supercentres and 114 regular Walmarts.

Maybe we need to redefine “regular Walmart,” since the majority of the chain’s stores are now Here in the US, if you’re curious, the company says that they have 3,401 Supercenters and 471 stores that are only discount stores. In fact, Walmart now has more Neighborhood Markets than traditional discount stores now, with 487 of those. (Neighborhood Markets are the company’s brand that is just a supermarket.)

Walmart Confirms Opening of 11 Supercentres across Canada in January 2015 [CNW]

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