Royal Jordanian Airlines Passenger Gives Birth To Healthy Baby Girl Somewhere Over The Atlantic

In the latest baby trend to sweep the news, another woman has given birth on an airplane: A woman delivered a premature but healthy baby girl on a Royal Jordanian Airlines flight while flying over the Atlantic Ocean to New York from Amman.

Luckily for the 33-year-old Jordanian woman, who officials believe was traveling alone, there was a nurse and a doctor onboard to help her when she went into labor four hours before landing, reports the AFP.

The mile-high baby arrived at around 5:30 p.m. New York time on Tuesday, airline officials said, with the plane continuing on instead of making an emergency landing in Canada after the captain was told everything was fine with the birth.

“The delivery was fast and easy, helped by an anaesthesiologist and a legal nurse who happened to be on board, and in cooperation with the crew members,” the airline said in a statement. “Mother and child were in good health and there was no need to divert the plane.”

The woman had been 31 weeks pregnant, which falls within the range the airline allows for pregnant women to fly (up to 36 weeks, 32 weeks for twins).

“The mother expressed gratitude for the great help she received from the physician, the nurse and the flight attendants, and thanked the RJ staff at (John F Kennedy International Airport),” Royal Jordanian said.

Jordanian woman gives birth over Atlantic [AFP]

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