Would You Be Willing To Pay More To Choose Who Delivers Your Amazon Orders?

If you’ve ever been expecting a package only to find that the delivery person reports leaving a notice (which may or may not have happened) or “attempted delivery” (again, sometimes without actually doing so), you’re not alone. We’ve heard from many readers over the years and experienced it ourselves. So why can’t Amazon Prime members choose their preferred delivery service?

When this happens, Amazon will usually extend a customer’s Prime membership by a month in most cases, but it’s still annoying to be sitting around waiting for a package all day, only to be told that someone may or may not have shown up to attempt delivering it.

One of our tipsters notes that if you’re very, very polite and patient and explain the issues you keep having with a certain delivery service, sometimes Amazon will de-prioritize that service on your account. But it’s not something Amazon is offering on a widespread basis to all Prime customers — based on complaints on its forums — just the determined ones, perhaps.

We’ve asked Amazon to comment on this idea without response at least a few times over the years, and again as recently as today, so perhaps this time will be the charm.

It’s not like anyone would expect such a thing for free, but what if you could just pay a fee to pick your delivery carrier, would it be worth it?

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