Lyft Switches To Non-Fuzzy, Glowing Mustaches On Cars

Image courtesy of Lyft



Lyft already ditched its signature giant fuzzy pink mustaches for the front grills of working vehicles for its classier premium ride service, but regular drivers were still putting fuzzy pink mustaches on the front grills of their cars. Yet Lyft has been dialing back the size of the distinctive decoration, making them smaller. Now, they’re switching to a smaller, but still pink, “glowstache.”

While the publicity picture above from Lyft doesn’t show the ‘stache on a car, it does give you an idea of the scale. Compare that with the original furry mustache in this picture, which we use to illustrate many of our stories about Lyft:

For Lyft, this is a question of maturity and branding. It’s hard to feel professional on your way to a job interview after receiving a fist-bump from your driver and with a pink mustache the size of a housecat plastered on the front of the vehicle, and some people may choose other ride-sharing apps or a traditional car or taxi service so they don’t feel silly.

On the other hand, the pink-mustache branding is strong and leaves an indelible impression. “Many companies would kill for this kind of brand engagement,” the company’s chief marketing officer told Mashable a few months ago. It’s actually a good thing, she argues, “that there’s so much passion about the mustache, and that it’s pink, and what should you be doing about it.” It means that the brand is recognizable and distinctive, if a little silly.

Lyft replaces pink mustache with ‘glowstache’ [Mashable]

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