Seattle Seahawks Win NFC Championship, Worst MLK Day Tweet Award

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks, who won the NFC championship and will play in the Super Bowl. While it’s great that the team is posting celebratory tweets, they proceeded to tie the team’s victory over the Green Bay Packers in with the holiday honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. What could possibly go wrong with that idea?

We missed the tweet, since at least the team had the good sense to delete it when the backlash started. Fortunately, alert person Drew Olanoff got an iPhone screen shot before that happened. seahawks

As always happens when a brand posts a tweet that doesn’t go over well, the Seahawks posted an apology for comparing the end of legal racial segregation to winning a football game.

We haven’t seen any inappropriate brand promotions or tweets, but that doesn’t mean that no brands have made any missteps. If you spot any, send them to us so we can share with the world..

Seahawks Follow Up Their Big Win With a Bigger Fail: a ‘We Shall Overcome’ MLK Tweet [AdWeek]

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