January Recall Roundup: Watch Out For Melted Monkeys

monkeyIn the Recall Roundup for January, defective candles risk burning people and property, a coffeemaker sprays hot water somewhere other than the coffee grounds, and flammable and drawstring-laden children’s clothes made it to stores despite bans on both. Oh, and a toy monkey melts its own battery compartment.

Babies & Kids
IKEA VYSSA crib mattresses – Mattress can separate from side of crib, creating a space where a child’s head can become trapped. Two incidents where this happened have been reported, but neither child was injured.
Star Ride Kids Pajama Sets – do not meet flammability standards
Kids Gaelic Athletic Association Fleece Panel Hoodies – Has banned drawstrings; poses strangulation hazard to children
Ski-Doo and Can-Am Kids’ Hoodies – Has banned drawstrings; poses strangulation hazard to children
Kiddie Korral Girls Hoodies with Ponies – Has banned drawstrings; poses strangulation hazard to children

WindowTex Custom Roller Shades – Shades may fall from the mounting bracket. Six cases have been reported, but no falling shades have injured users.
NPD Furniture Abby Dining Chair – Chair legs may unexpectedly break. There have been four reports to the CPSC of broken chair legs.
DD Brand Candles (Hobby Lobby) – This recall has been expanded. The candle flame burns very high and can ignite the wax on the surface of the candle.
Olympic Mountain Products Tealight Wax Warmers – Flame burns erratically and too high, which is a fire hazard. Two people have sustained minor burns, and another fire caused minor property damage.
Keurig MINI Plus Coffee Machines – may burn consumers by spraying hot water at them. There have been 200 reports of hot water spraying out of the brewer, and about 90 burns reported.
Comfort Research Vinyl Bean Bag Chairs – Children can crawl inside and suffocate. No incidents reported.

Gift Gallery Moody Face Stress Balls (Sold at Wegmans)– May break into pieces when squeezed, which defeats the point.
Giggles International Animated Monkey Toy (Sold at Cracker Barrel) – Battery may overheat, posing a fire hazard. There have been two reports of batteries overheating and melting their compartments.

Yamaha YZ250 Competition Off-Road Motorcycles – Engine may lock up during operation. There have been no reported injuries.

Sports & Outdoors
Pro Performance SKLZ Resistance Trainers – A weld can break, causing the belt to snap back and injure an exercise partner. There have been three reports of serious injuries after this happened to users.

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