Woman Suing Clothing Company After Tights Failed To Deliver A Happy Ending For Her Feet

kushyorgWe all want the products we buy to provide a certain sense of satisfaction, but one New York woman is claiming that the makers of tights she bought did not bring her the nearly orgasmic return on her investment she says the company promised in its ads.

According to the lawsuit filed by a Queens woman against Gildan Outerwear’s Kushyfoot Shaping Tights, the company used “deceptive and otherwise improper business practices” in its ad for the product, saying it did not improve her “overall psychological and bodily comfort,” reports Gothamist.

She purchased the brand of tights based on the package’s claims that its zigzag massaging sole would provide comfort beyond other brands, the complaint says.

But alas, relief was not to be found.

“Plaintiff used the Products as directed for approximately a week, but did not observe any tension relief or additional support from the zigzag or massaging soles. As a result of such deceptive language used by the Defendants, Plaintiff expected her feet to feel more comfortable in the Kushyfoot® brand Products than in her regular tights and socks without zigzag or massaging soles. ”

The complaint points specifically to an ad for the product that built up the customer’s expectations. Describing the ad that “has been suggestively named ‘Super Satisfied’ and features an attractive and confident young woman walking through a neighborhood in a dramatic and sultry fashion,” the lawsuit calls attention to the orgasmic nature of the commercial.

“As she makes her way through the streets, she moans and utters highly sexually charged phrases to herself, including ‘That’s the spot’ and ‘So good,’ as a song with the lyrics ‘I feel super satisfied, super satisfied” plays in the background to further the sexual angle of the advertisement,’ ” the complain says.

By the end of the ad, she’s attracted an envious horde of women who want to know how she was able to achieve such relief — in her feet, mind you! — just by walking down the street, and “she eagerly tells them, “Oh, it’s Kushyfoot®,” and distributes their Products from her shopping bags to each of the women,” the complaint reads.

The woman claims that she “relied on the commercial and believed in the effectiveness and comfort of the Products. To her disappointment she found that the Purchased Products did not even feel different from her regular socks and tights.”

Had she “known the truth about Defendant’s misrepresentations and omissions, she would not have purchased the premium priced Products but would have purchased less expensive sock, tights and hosiery products,” the complaint adds.

The lawsuit is seeking class-action status and unspecified damages.

Watch the ad in question below:

Queens Woman Sues Tights Company Over Lack Of Orgasms [Gothamist]

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