Texas Woman Claims FedEx Driver Stole Her Two Dogs

From the video in the Facebook post that alleges a FedEx driver stole a woman's two puppies.

From the video in the Facebook post that alleges a FedEx driver stole a woman’s two puppies.

UPDATE: The dogs have been found and returned to the family. FedEx says the driver, a contract employee, will not be working for the company pending the outcome of an investigation.


Between FedEx, UPS, USPS and the numerous other delivery services out there, we thought we’d heard just about everything possible that a driver could do wrong. But then we heard about this story.

According to a post by a woman named Erica on Facebook, her home security footage caught a FedEx driver walking away from her home with two of her pooches in his possession.

Making things even more bizarre, she alleges that the driver wasn’t even making a delivery to her home but just came with the sole intent of snatching her dogs.

We’ve contacted FedEx, where a rep said the company is aware of the story and will provide us with an official statement later today.

Now we have no idea if the person is indeed a FedEx driver, so this could be a matter of just an a-hole dog thief caught on camera. Either way, the family is now missing two puppies, which is decidedly not cool.

[via Reddit]

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