JCPenney Announces 40 Store Closures, But Holiday Sales Were Up

JCPenney is looking slightly less doomed than previously anticipated. This week, the department store chain announced its holiday season sales results, which were slightly up over the same period last year. There’s bad news, too, though: about 4% of the company’s stores will close this spring, a total of 40 stores in 19 states, with a total of about 2,250 jobs.

The company announced this week that holiday season sales increased 3.7% in comparable stores over the same period last year.

The good news for the chain is that customers are coming back after the company’s attempted makeover into a strange coupon-less retail vision that confused existing customers and failed to draw new ones. The company gradually learned how to put items on sale again, made over its stores, and even found a qualified person willing to serve as CEO.

You’re probably here to find out if your local JCPenney store is closing, though. Here’s the list, courtesy of Huffington Post.


These J.C. Penney Stores Will Close In 2015 [Huffington Post]

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