Samsung Shows Off Fancier Fancy TV, Washing Machine With Sink

suhd3Everyone here at International CES — including the hot dog vendors on the Vegas Strip — is showing a new 4K (or Ultra HD, or UHD) TV set. Samsung tried to one-up the competition by making a brighter, flashier version and slapping an “S” on it.

Samsung announced the next generation of its UHD sets, dubbed SUHD, which it claims is twice as bright as standard UHD sets, and displays deeper blacks. Samsung also says that SUHD will provide finer image detail, not just for native 4K video content but from any video source.


Designer Yves Behar upped the fancy level with a specially designed SUHD set that has a wider aspect ratio and comes on a pedestal that rotates the screen and provides a sound source.


Samsung also tried to do one better on LG’s mini-washing machine with a new washer that has a sink built into it. There were also some cleaning robots that look a lot like something from Star Wars fan-fiction:


No news yet on Samsung’s wireless products. It’s expected that this will come later tonight when the company’s CEO delivers the opening keynote address of the conference.

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