Morgan Stanley Fires Employee Accused Of Stealing Data From Up To 350K Clients, Posting Some Info Online

Another day, another bank reveals that client information was leaked where it shouldn’t have gone leaking: Morgan Stanley notified authorities and fired an employee accused of stealing data from up to 350,000 wealth-management clients and allegedly posting some of that information online.

The bank said that although account numbers were stolen among other info, it doesn’t appear that clients lost any money, reports Bloomberg News. Social Security numbers and passwords were not included in the leak, Morgan Stanley says.

Morgan Stanley said it found account information for about 900 clients on an external website and “promptly” had it removed. It’s believed that the employee might’ve been trying to sell the stolen information, a person close to the investigation told Bloomberg, but so far there’s no evidence that a third party received it, or if anyone accessed the website.

“Morgan Stanley takes extremely seriously its responsibility to safeguard client data, and is working with the appropriate authorities to conduct and conclude a thorough investigation of this incident,” the company said in the statement.

The bank said it’ll be notifying anyone who might have been affected, around 10% of its wealth-management customers in all, as well as enhancing security for those accounts.

Morgan Stanley Fires Employee Accused of Stealing Client Data [Bloomberg News]

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