White Castle Changes Everything You Think You Know About White Castle, Puts Veggie Sliders On The Menu

veggieslideWhat do you think of when you think of White Castle? If it’s “steamed meat,” you’re not alone. Thus, friends, we can get through this together: In a direct challenge to those who thought they knew a little something about White Castle, the home of the steamed meat slider has gone ahead and added veggie burgers to the menu.

Not that there isn’t enough room on the menu to share — in fact, I’d like to be the first to welcome my vegetarian brethren into the warm, slightly damp embrace of a White Castle slider. Because why should meat heads have all the Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle inside jokes and Crave Case case races (you’ll have to ask my college self and her reckless friends about that one)?

The sliders are made from Dr. Praeger’s brand of veggie patties, which are “chock full of lots of vegetables like carrots, zucchini, peas, spinach, broccoli, and more,” according to White Castle, reports Grub Street. They’ll be available at all White Castle locations, the company says.

Veggie sliders come with a choice of honey mustard, ranch or sweet Thai sauce, and presumably, the same day-after sense of regret upon realizing you’ve eaten way, waaaaay too many sliders the night before. They’re just so little, ya know?

White Castle Unveils Veggie Burgers [Grub Street]

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